stephan cilliers

ex-founder, electrical & computer engineer interested in cryptography, permissionless protocols, and embedded systems


  • Opencast 2023-

    The first open source, fully featured Farcaster client. The goal of this project is to provide a reference implementation of a Farcaster client in order to make it easier for developers to explore their ideas without having to start from scratch.

    Farcaster • Social media • Next.js • TypeScript • React • Prisma
  • System that helps people keep up with AI research by ingesting news from RSS feeds, scoring them on metrics such as relevance, novelty, and impact, and surfacing the highest scoring posts in a daily newsletter.

    SaaS • Research • Social media • Next.js • TypeScript • React • Prisma
  • The missing social layer for music streaming. It lets you view friend listening activity, send/receive/react to song recommendations, and curate playlists in groups.

    Social music • Next.js • TypeScript • React • React Native • Prisma
  • An API and simple interface which lets users purchase and retire on-chain carbon credits with a credit card and a tool which decodes on-chain transactions and presents them in human readable format.

    Carbon offsetting • Solidity • NestJS • TypeScript • React
  • LinkedIn marketing analytics platform built in collaboration with Turn Left Media.

    SaaS • LinkedIn Marketing API • Flask • Jinja • Python
  • Honours thesis investigating the hardware acceleration of zk-SNARKs using FPGAs.

    Thesis • zk-SNARKs • FPGA • SystemVerilog • Cryptography
  • Various fully on-chain NFT projects

    Synthetic Nouns, Solar Systems, Kaleidoscopes, Black Holes, ΞPlanets.

    NFT • Solidity • TypeScript • React
  • Port is an NFT viewer and an attempt to circumvent the dependence on NFT indexers for the ethereum blockchain through the use of token lists and directly querying the blockchain.

    Digital Assets • TypeScript • Solidity • React
  • A visual representation of the Loot bag associated with every Ethereum wallet. Went viral on Twitter. Learn more about loot at

    Loot • TypeScript • React • ethers.js
  • A portable list of mutuals for the decentralized web. Lets you build connections with other ethereum accounts on-chain.

    DeSo • Goerli • Solidity • React • ethers.js
  • A simple proxy for your email address which creates aliases which can be easily disconnected to prevent unwanted email spam.

    Privacy • Django • HTML • CSS • jQuery • Python
  • Your personal entertainment portfolio. Easily track and review movies you've seen and want to see.

    Entertainment • Flask • Jinja • HTML • CSS • jQuery • Python
  • Thermal camera system that monitors temperatures at electrochemical plants to improve efficiency for MasQ Brands

    IoT • Remote Sensing • Vue.js • Python • Flask
  • Simple Learning Time was built as a replacement for an app that was used at Parklands College to teach junior learners how to tell time. 40,000+ downloads and is used in multiple schools across South Africa and several other countries.

    Education • iOS • Swift